Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Own Racism

My diary was found the other day, and read, though not by me, but by the person I adore more than life itself. I wasn't upset, just a little embarrassed. You see, I started this diary when I left my husband to embark on a new journey, my life. I poured my heart out, as we do in our diaries, and it's full of inner turmoil; and happiness. I was just getting into animal rights and had been a vegan for a year. Something was pointed out to me, and I'm rather embarrassed to write about it, but it's important enough that I'm willing to make a fool of myself. On Feb.27,2011, after being on Facebook I wrote (my exact words), " What the HELL kind of world do we live in?!?!? Animals being skinned alive, having their limbs cut off ALIVE?? Thanx to the Chinese and their cruel, torturous ways! Now they're eating aborted fetuses!?! We need a total spiritual revolution!!!!!"  I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!
Holy crap!! I didn't even remember writing this until I read it for myself. Then I remembered the circumstances. A friend had made a post about " the Chinese" eating aborted fetuses that had been sold to them on the black market. Well, me being new to the movement and not knowing anything about the Chinese culture, I was quick to believe it. I was also very angry at the cruelty I was being exposed to on a daily basis. FORTUNATELY, I never mentioned anything like this in my diary again and I don't think I made my thoughts public (I hope); which means I pulled out of it very quickly and had to stop and think about whether something like that could really be true, and get a hold of my anger that was directed inappropriately.
So, in part, I understand why some people make the comments that they do; the anger, the frustration, and just not being educated about the subject .Some, like me at the time, are new to activism and are vulnerable and naive. Which, also in part, is why I choose to fight the racism. How sad is it that those new to AR are being exposed to lies and absolute hatred? I HAVE found that most people who make these types of racial comments and/or posts do fall into one of these categories. There are, however, those who insist on arguing when the truth has been pointed out, those who insist that an entire country should be nuked, those who want no part in doing research. These are the real racists, and I make no apologies for calling them out by name. And if there are any " new people" reading this; please, please, please do not believe everything you hear or read, some of it just isn't true.
If you would like to know the truth and what kind of animal activism is taking part in other countries, please visit Hand in Hand with Asia's Animal Activists on Facebook.