This is the first and last time we post this, after we are not going to come back on this issue:
If you want graphic photos of abused animals, we have a big collection, you have only to ask. The reason why we don’t keep posting photos of animals abused or skinned alive is because they generate only racist comments and hate against China and they attract racists and uneducated, simplistic minds. We share graphic photos only when it is strictly necessary (rescued animals from meat trade etc).
Maybe hard to imagine but this is real and happening in China. We are truly sorry one would doubt the genuineness, sincerity and integrity of the animal activists in China – and their activities. But let us assure you that volunteers on the ground are working on a daily basis to rescue, save and protect the animals. Those groups are addressing animal welfare in their area, often against the odds and for the first time in history. They proudly share their events, and we are proud to share them with the rest of the world.
We need to stand next to the Chinese activists-not against the whole of the country!

“It’s important to recognize that China is changing, even the Chinese authorities are becoming more aware of the importance” of the roles of non-governmental organizations, says Su Pei, director of ACTAsia.
Rescue groups in china are run by humble people who give everything they have to save the animals. They ask you nothing and we hope that you’ll give them the respect they deserve.
Heroes for Life: This is a story of some of the extraordinary women (and men) who have put up a fight to rescue and shelter ill treated or abandoned pets across China. These amazing men and women, going to extraordinary lengths helping animals, have exhausted their financial resources, sheltering hundreds, even more than a thousand lives, in various parts of the country, feeding the handicapped and nursing the sick, and redeeming other people’s sins.
Chinese authorities are allowing animal rights groups to train and recruit volunteers, protest on university campuses and rescuing animals. Dog and cat shelters proliferate. Newspapers and television stations report stories of dogs being rescued as they were being trucked to slaughter.
Activists are able to mobilize thousands of volunteers from the ranks of the developing middle class — in minutes.
In China, after the rescue, dogs and cats receive veterinary care, love, food and all they need. Volunteers look for adoptive family and when it is possible reunite animals with their owners. Before and after the adoptions, the animals are checked by volunteers to be sure they are well. They are not given to the first person who want them.

It’s important to remember that China does not have a monopoly on inhumane treatment of animals, every country has got its own problems. Killed in an inhumane or humane way, animals suffer all over the world.
The Chinese activists are doing a great job in China to inform about the dog/cat meat and fur trade, to rescue the animals.  
China has only some laws protecting endangered species of wild animals, but no protection for other animals within the country, which leaves local animal welfare groups stand empty-handed in their battle against cruelty in China.
Any offensive or racial posts are not welcomed here and will be removed. We do not judge a nation – we condemn the act of cruelty. We are thankful for the many wonderful people of China who risk so much to get the news out to us so we can in turn help them to help the animals there – and THEY are many !
We are here with and for these people. Please, respect them.